Bee Blocks and CROCHET!!!

So recently, I’ve been working on 2 things, the September and October Bee Blocks for Bee Modern Too and this week I learned, and quickly became addicted to crocheting!!

Here’s the September block that went to Ashley:

It was paper pieced and it was my first time to try this technique. It’s a little backwards to think through, but I enjoyed learning something new and I am very happy with the turn out!

For Dena:

Dena came up with the instructions for these, I had fun coming up with ways to arrange the fabrics in the rectangles. Great way to use scraps.

And what I am SUPER EXCITED about,……CROCHET!!!

I took a class at Joann’s for beginning crochet Wednesday. My husband laughed, thinking it was for old women. Oh well. :) We learned the single crochet and double crochet, and luckily, those were the stitches I needed to make the Anne Lace scarf from MK Carroll that I’ve been dying to make and was the impetus for learning anyway. The teacher was awesome, and actually helped me work through the first few motifs of the pattern while the other students were practicing stitches. I came home and kept on working on it! The yarn we were given was not thick enough to make the scarf wide and chunky like I wanted, but I still really like it!

I couldn’t resist getting a chunky yarn though the next day. I got a creamy white alpaca which is SUPER soft! Here are the 2 together:

I’m not finished with either yet, but moving along. :) I’ll either gift the greyish one or try to sell it. The white one–mine! :) It’s going to go great with my white hat and gloves!!

Can’t wait to come up with other projects to crochet next!!

Also excited to see what the block will be for November for Bee Modern Too!

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